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Adolescent Regression, Right Here!!

Posted By aliasspiff on Jul 13, 2011 at 11:11PM

So, I am going to take a few moments to regress to my adolescent years and act like a 14 year old for a few minutes. I thank you for your indulgence. :)

Before I begin, I should mention that I am 32 years old, have not been in a serious relationship for about three years now. Ok, so anyway...

...Last fall, this very very handsome guy comes into my business to apply, (I am a corporate trainer for an upper scale restaurant chain) He has that European look about him, and will from now on be called the Romanian. He is hired, as most of the girls would have quit if my boss hadn't hired him. So, he goes through his training, and we become good working friends, have a pretty great working relationship, and he elaborates more about himself, where he is from, why he has moved back to my town... turns out it was to reconcile with an ex. As we are co-workers, I would have never considered dating him, and him telling me about getting back with the ex put him strictly in the friend zone.

Well, fast forward to almost a year later, and the Romanian has defected to more lucrative climes, has since ended things with the ex. Turns out, reconciliation wasn't entirely reconciling or comforting. On his last night, I was playing manager, and after the rush, I was sitting at a table in the bar having dinner. Now, before I go into this little pathetic dilemma, I have to say... this guy, he makes me slightly stupid. In that butterflyee kind of way. AND, this is the first time I have felt like this in several years.

So, back to the last night, as I said I was sitting down at the table, having my little meal and he come up, and standing to my left, chatting with me. He casually puts his hand on my shoulder, and leaves it there... we continue to chat a bit more...then he goes off to do a lap round the restaurant, and check his tables. On his return visit, he does the same, stands to my left, casually puts his hand on my shoulder and continues to chat with me. And, once more he does another lap, goes to send his table on their way and then again, comes back only this time to sit down in front of me... we talk about pretty much nothing, and his new job until my boss comes along and tells him to bug off....

About half an hour later, I am in the office, handling check outs for my servers, and in comes my friend. We go through the motions, he does his checkout... and leaves, I'm getting up to leave the office. He's since changed, and comes back and tells me how much he's really enjoyed working with me, and what a real pleasure it has been...his voice gets a little husky, and he hugs me. Hugs me tightly, in that we were hip to hip, not ass out kind of friendly hug...and it probably lasted about 10 seconds too long, but it was long enough to get a whiff, and man did he smell delicious. As we broke apart, he tells me to keep in touch...via facebook. -sigh- and, he leaves... The end.

SO.. I realize that this is not earth shattering, but I am highly considering pursuing this line of hotness. I do not mean to sound like I am objectifying the guy, I am not... he is pretty darn cute tho. Here is the rub, I ponder if a guy like him could ever be interested in a girl like me. I am not the atypical female he has dated in the past, you know.. pretty, short, delicate. I am 5'8, a little round where I shouldn't be, and I have a stronger, longer  build. I am not at all grotesque, but like I said, not the norm of what this guy dates.

I feel like a kid hahaha, BUT... as I said before, I haven't been this interested in anyone since..well, a long long time. Since I haven't put myself out there in a long time, I am afraid to live on the edge, and take the rejection, that is sure to come. I don't think less of myself, however life for me is about being a work in progress at the moment; recovering from the death of a parent, trying to whip my body back into shape after neglecting it for the three years that it took her to die, going to school and other stuff. So, I guess I am a bit fragile.

Also, I don't want to give him the wrong idea. Sure, I can be a sure thing... BUT, I don't want him to think that all I am after is sex. I genuinely like this person, and I like who I am around him. He makes me think, which is a good thing. However, I don't want to catch him on the rebound either.

What is a girl to do?? Input and advice is MOST welcome.. if anyone ever reads this.. :)

Posted By shreya13 on Jul 12, 2011 at 12:03AM

My boss demands me to go out with him or watch movies with him at his apartment. I dont want to, but i cant even afford to leave the job. please help me how to tackle the situation. And say no to him without getting him annoyed..

Where do I start...

Posted By CyPres10 on Apr 12, 2011 at 7:38PM

This is my first time on TresSugar, (thank you porkchop for getting me onto this).

  My husband and I have been married for less than 4 months. He's in the military, so we've been seperated through most of our relationship. Still, everything was going really great, we hardly fought about anything that would make a difference. Just over a week ago, he shocked me and said he wanted a divorce. No signs, no fights, he just came out and said it. Mind you, I'm in NY and he is in VA. So it is especially hard to understand what went wrong, when your not even in the same room. We had JUST spent 2 weeks together in SC, completely fine. Prior to dropping me off in NY, he was making all sorts of plans for us and our daughter (not biologically his) and the house we were supposed to move into NEXT month. My guess is that while most of our relationship has been long distance, I comfortably transitioned to our physical togetherness easier than he did. What I don't know, is how to get him to understand that marriage isn't an instant success, but that we need to take time to get comfortable with living together. I'm still hanging on, but it seems as though he's already let go. How do I catch him?

New Member do dump or marry Tressugar

Posted By Doris Russell on Mar 27, 2011 at 7:52PM

I just joined this group.  I''ve been married for about 22 years.  However I've had other relationships before my marriage and I think I can help others because of that.  I've gone through quite a few changes.

Any other serial monogamists?

Posted By Stephen Barr on Mar 27, 2011 at 5:12AM

I'm 52, been single for 25 years and can't seem to make it past about 18 months in a comitted relationship. Anyone else in in the same "Groundhog Day" syndrome?

My marriage is falling apart.

Posted By usaf07 on Mar 21, 2011 at 9:41PM

Hello everyone.... so I've been married for almost a year and half now, and I know they say the first few years of marriage are tough.. in general.  I got pregnant before I got married (no, that's not why we got married) so that adds stress. BUT little did I know that my husband has been addicted to porn since he was in 6th grade. I didn't find out until we had been married for about 2-3 months.. he spent over $300 on the tv watching it, over $100 on his iPhone for it, and too many hours to count watching it for free on the internet.  JUST in those 2-3 months.  At first I didn't think it was truly a problem.. until I kept catching him and catching him and he kept saying he was going to change, and he wouldn't. We almost got divorced twice because of it. BUT I always stuck around.. I love him, I just don't love what he does.  And now he's deployed and he says he realizes what he did was wrong and that he does really truly want to change... I am giving him one last chance when he gets back from Iraq.. but should I even give him that chance!? I'm so lost. His daughter loves him so much but if he's going to continue to be a douche, then she can live without him.


P.S. I forgot to say that it's not just the porn.. I wouldn't mind if he watched porn, or watched it together, but he doesn't. He just wants to watch it so he can jerk off. He'd rather do that than have sex with his wife... And it's not just the porn. He searches for naked celebs on the internet. That hurts worse than porn. AND he is a pathological liar... he lied to me about everything. Even though he KNEW I would find out, which I always did and always have.............


What should I do!

we are best friends to the world and lovers behind closed doors

Posted By lovingkingkoopajr on Mar 18, 2011 at 11:50PM

so my bestfriend and i have been friends for a year or so we've had sex maybe 4 times in the last ten months we laugh joke and have a good time we have each other backs. he and i act like an old marry couple lol he is kind he help me with bills my son he protects me gives me money makes sure im okay but i have trust issues with him due to my ex bestfriend. (story) we all are good friends i had a one bedroom apt nd had my lil sister brother son and two bestfriends at my house my besties decide to sleep in the bed with me i go to bed before everyone had long day at work well anywho when i woke up before dawn to pee they are cuddled up in my bed when i make my presence know he askes if im ok i lie and say yea he assumes bad dream then he turns to be closer to me but wont cuddle up saying he doesnt want any one to see?? well later that morning im mad and had to leave for a dac apt the nxt day my sis tells me how she goes to take a shower and he goes in my room where the bathroom with the shower is closes the door saying he's going to take a nap well i stop talkin to him and just was overall hurt well due to her sleeping with another guy i liked we no longer are friends well we just started back talking in late feb he and i had started back sleeping together well he meets my other bestfriend that ive been knowung since i was 14 im now 21 well after he met her he kept asking for her number i wouldnt give it to him and she was like no because im not like that well one night he her and i are supposed to go to his and his bestfriends apt to chill two guys two girls well he calls my phone playing with us both well at that moment i was taking care of some busness with my big brotherso i giver her the phone 10 min later hes at my apt and calls for her on my phone so they can go to the store well they leave for like 30 min when they was only supposed to go down the street which should have taken 15 min well when she comes back he txt and i tell her to call him i get ready to hand her my phone she tells me that he gave it o her in the car then 10 later he comes and picks her up to go to his house and chill i dont leave at that moment because im mad at them and im taking care of business so when i do finally get there she is in his room the couche has the pillows all on one side like they been cuddled up well he is being overly caring about me well i stay for a lil while due to me being mad and she stays well she tells me that she gonna get a ride from him then says he said he aint taking her home now because he drunk so im like yu want me to come and get yu first it was yea then it was no he gonna bring me well i go to bed wake up at 5 am and she still at his house wen i txt her to see where she at she was like he sleep and says he told her to sleep in his room and he gonna sleep in the living rm so i go get her the nxt morning when we get up she on the phone with him in the room by herself he comes over and he and i sit in the car and talk and fight he tells me nothing happened and that i cant think that with all my friends because of my one ex friend well when i get back upstaries she is getting all her things and leaving with one of her girlfriends i later ask her if anything happened she says no and our friendship is more important than any guy well he was at my house the other day and tells me how he got her introuble at her moms house when he went over there ho wshe called him to come get her from a friend house and he told her no he now acts like he dont like her and its nothing but he wants to be with me every morning and most of the days and even evenings but he thinks im prego by him nd acts like he going to be mad if i am but worries and checks up on me and my son daily idk what to do?

Trust Issues..

Posted By MarkusUrza on Feb 21, 2011 at 12:40AM

Hello community,

I am a 19 year old college student and I have a girlfriend of 16 months.I need some advice on what I should do with my relationship because it is haunting me everyday.

My girlfriend and I love each other very much, but I am not able to get over her "past" and certain things she has done to me.

In the first two months of our relationship, she was a complete different person, texted many guys, flirted with them, and eventually we came to a "break" in which she told me she will not do anything with another guy. A month past and she called me and asked me to take her back and that she was sorry for behaving the way she was.. later on I found out she hooked up with another guy, went out on a date with her ex on our break. Later on in the relationship, we had another break because I found out she was yet again, flirting with another guy through text (about 7 months into the relationship now). I told her I can't trust her and that she again, has broken my trust. She apologized and we got back together the next day. A week later her friend jokingly texted me"Stop texting your girlfriend shes working," but the truth was, I wasn't texting her. I simply asked her who she was texting and she said it was her friend. After an hour of converstaion she finally admitted to texting that same guy she was texting a week ago..


I'm having trouble trusting my girlfriend but I do not want to lose her. A friend once said trust is like a mirror, once it breaks you can build it back but there will always be the cracks inbetween" - I need advice on what I can do.


Thank you for reading..

Still i am support

Posted By Hnin16 on Feb 12, 2011 at 9:48AM

I used to support my husband, now we are seperate and still i am support him. i am still give him a strange and tell him to beleive in himself. i am excepting 20% to be back with him. he is using me and i still let him. what can i tell him?

Is it just me or is it really him?

Posted By Capri1987 on Feb 9, 2011 at 6:53PM

So I've been going out with this guy for a year and some months. Stunningly attractive guy, body to die for, drool worthy all out full blown eye candy. There's just one issue. Well several.

-He hates holding hands

-He hates kissing

-He hates Valentines Day

- and Christmas

-and Thanksgiving


-Any holiday that requires consideration for someone else

-He complains alot about his finances and lack of opportunities when there are several staring him in the face.

-He consistantly says he's jealous of me (Not sure why, your guess is as good as mine)

-He puts down others to build his own self esteem

-He NEVER apologizes

-He's cheap as ^%&* (He took me to Burger King on our anniversary.)

-He almost NEVER foots the bill

-In the year and some months we've been going out, I've only been complimented three times

Oh the list goes on. The only good qualities about him

-On a scale of one to ten, on ANY woman's scale, he's a ten on the looks level.

-He's (somewhat) funny

Now I've assessed what could be possibly wrong with ME as to why his actions are less than pallible. But here's the 411 of myself (without adding, enhacing or hinted narcissism.)

I'm very attractive, I'm humorous, I have a tendancy to be too giving, I'm considerate, extremely loyal (If the mere thought of being with someone else while I'm in a relationship crosses my mind I immediately feel bad.) I don't bitch unless absolutely necessarily, otherwise I understand that there are some things that can be overlooked. I'm well educated and..I like working hard and paying for my own crap. o.o; Drawbacks to me is that I can be a bit stubborn, a lil bit clingy (I'll sense when someone needs their space and I'll back off in a heartbeat), too romantic and yes, I can be deliberately annoying by sticking a finger in your nose while you're asleep or something because I'm weird like that and I find those things cute. Now tell me..


Is it just me, or is it about time I find someone else?

// Group Members